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Pastor Scott’s January 2019 Message

Dear Disciples of the Messiah, IMAGINE HOW MANY MORE MIRACLES JESUS COULD HAVE DONE if he had not been distracted by His cell phone?  You probably appreciate your phone as much as I do mine…but my New Year’s resolution is to put my phone away when I am in...

20th Annual Ring and Sing (December 9, 2018)

Seraph Choir On December 9th, 2018, Messiah Lutheran Church Messiah’s 20th Annual Ring and Sing Concert took place on Sunday, December 9th. The concert featured the musical talents of Messiah’s several handbell groups, the adult choir, youth choirs and the church’s...

Lutherans are Different.

Every day Jesus was teaching in the Temple, and at nightHe would go out and spend the night on the Mount of Olives. (Luke 21:37) Dear Friends of the Coming Messiah, Lutherans are different, especially this time of year. In late fall, Norwegian farmers would put...



“The Messiah Messenger”

The Official  Monthly Newsletter of Messiah Lutheran Church
Newsletter Editor:  Rebecca Mast
Communications Director: Meredith Kilby 

The monthly “Messiah Messenger” has been a source of information and inspiration for Messiah members for years!   You can choose to receive a printed edition of the newsletter or decide to receive yours via e-mail.


January 2019

  •  Pastor’s Message: “For God So Loved the World That He Communicated in Person”
  • Outreach:  Life Passages, History and Purpose of the Music at Messiah Classical Concert Series. 
  • Music & Worship:  Harpsichord on Loan Enhances Christmas music, Talent Show
  • Youth:   SESYLO & Summer Mission Trip information & deposit deadlines
  • Newsflashes:  Talent Show on Saturday, January 26th to Support On Eagles Wings mission, Outreach Thank yous & more
  • Music Camp 2019! Save the date June 3 – 7 for the all-new musical, “Light of Life: Signs of the Savior.”
  • December Month in Pictures,  January Birthdays and Prayer Families
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