The Wired Word

Wired WOrdStarting in April,  Conversation Cafe will be using the Wired Word as the Adult Curriculum

What and Who is the Wired Word

( “The Wired Word is a subscription based curriculum by Communication Resources. The Wired Word’s goal is to supply churches with solid scriptural material to help adult teachers and leaders in leading group discussions about important matters of faith raised by the news of the week.  The material is interdenominational and does not strive to promote a specific denominational position.” Leader-moderators may choose to  re-frame questions.

Sign up to receive the weekly Wired Word.

Please email Meredih at  be added to the mailing list.

Why do I need to sign up with my name and email?

Reviewing the material in advance is not required to attend Conversation Cafe’s Wired Word!  It will be available at the Cafe, however…

By signing up with your name and e-mail address you will receive the weekly Wired Word curriculum in advance of class.   On Thursday of each week a new Wired Word lesson is e-mailed to leader-moderators.  There is one main topic and one alternate topic for the leader to select (if the main topic is not of interest).  The selected topic will be e-mailed to the Wired Word mailing list by Friday evening for those who would  like to review the topic and read the related Bible verses.

What can I expect on Sunday morning at Conversation Cafe?

Conversation and listening to others.   With the Wired Word,  discussing current events can end  up being  “commentary and opinions”  of the selected news story.  The goal is to go deeper.  As the Wired Word authors put it,   “the class will examine the news story as a tipping point where the ever-present living God meets our current world. The topics are meant to generate discussion about God’s Word and presence in each person’s experience.”

What exactly is Conversation Cafe?

One part Sunday School, another part “Starbucks”.  Conversation Cafe was started in 2015 to give members and guests an opportunity to gather  around God’s Word, study it,  and develop connections through large and small group conversations with one another.  Coffee is plentiful and right on hand since it meets in the Fellowship Hall (that’s the large room next to the Sanctuary) What is  the start time?  Since it takes place between the early and late service, it fluctuates based on activity in the Fellowship Hall.   We’ll try to get started no later than 10:00.


Pass the Peace!