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THE NEW www.mlutheran.org is UP!

** Update 7/16/2015 – Chrome Users, Only **  if you experience display issues on the home page of mlutheran.org, it may be necessary for you to clear your cached images and files.  It’s quick and easy – here’s how.


Stay connected with Messiah at www.mlutheran.org

Key facts to know …

FIRST-  The new Website uses a “responsive” format which adapts the arrangement of content to the viewers device. This makes it easier to read and select content on a broader number of user devices. Also – Don’t be surprised if the look and arrangement of the Website content varies from one browsing session to the next.   It may be your screen window is smaller or you have zoomed in a bit on the browser window.   The site is designed this way so that it can be viewed horizontally, vertically on big screens and smaller tablet devices.  If things are looking a little jumbled and you are on a home computer, try expanding the window to full screen and reset any magnification you have on your browser.

SECOND- Navigation Changes – The new Website uses many of the same navigation links as our prior site, but many are found under different menu names and are located different places.

  • Membership Directories are located: About us/Members/Members Directory.  Use the existing password to access.
  • Forms and other member resources are located: About us/Member Resources
  • Christian Education information is located located at: Learn
  • Outreach Ministries are located at: Serve
  • Other Ministries are located under Serve/Music Ministries, Fellowship, Youth.
  • Specific Worship Service information (ie. Liturgy Readings, etc.) are listed in Upcoming Events and are associated with each service.

THIRD, you do not need an account to visit the new website. You will only need to create an account in order to perform the following specific activities.    Visit the complete guide for instructions.

  • Be a Website contributor, editor or author of www.mlutheran.org
  • View or sign up on active Volunteer Sign Up Sheets, or be a coordinator of a sign up sheet. ** Update 8/11/2015 – Members do not need to have an account to utilize online sign up sheet features at this time, but will need to have an MLC password to access the page. If you need help obtaining a password, email the office@mlutheran.org from a verified member email account.

Please see the downloadabe  Messiah Lutheran Website Guide which includes additional instructions for MLC members.    Please do not call the office or contact communications@mlutheran.org until you have read the complete guide.  There are pages we are still working to complete.

New Features of the Site

Event Calendar – Found under Connect / Events or at the top navigation bar.   This calendar will show Messiah Lutheran Congregational Events and Activities only.

  • On all event listings, clicking on the event title wil bring up the details, location and organizer information. You can also share special events through social media!
  • The existing “Brown Bear” Calendar is located at: About Us/Events/Facility Calendar link or the button on the MLC Calendar. The calendar will be used primarily as a scheduling /facility usage calender for MLC and Tenant organizations.

Online Volunteer Sign Up – (DEVELOPING) Found under Connect / Volunteer Sign Up Forms. You will be required to have an account and be signed into that account to sign up for an activity.

  • Once logged in, simply click on the task you want to fill and a short form will open for you to complete. You will receive a confirmation email from the sign up organizer.
  • You will see all the items you are signed up for at the bottom of the Volunteer Sign Up Forms page. You can clear yourself out of a volunteer job on certain signups.

Integration of “Messiah Blog” and “Messiah Messenger” Monthly Newsletter – under Connect. Now our blog and our Website are one! 

  • The Monthly Newsletter now can be viewed on the site without downloading. You can still view and download the newsletter.   All past “Messenger” issues have been transferred over to the new site and can be found under
  • Only the Messiah Blog articles are searchable via the site search feature.

Daily Bible Verse and Readings (Home Page) – these are automagically updated from the ELCA website.   You may find that you need to refresh your browser if the content doesn’t load right away

Front Page Slide Show – If you click on any of these sliders you will be taken to an Event Listing, Blog Post or Page.   The purpose of the slide show is to draw attention to church wide events, initiatives or other information.

 Social Media Links – See something you’d like to share via Facebook or link in an e-mail to a friend? Just click the relevant buttons and follow the instructions. Computer Usage / Social Media Policies can be found under About/Member Resources

Expect a few tweaks, polishes and improvements…

You may encounter several pages that lack photos or have the words “Page under Construction” on them.   Please know that it is being worked on actively.   It is hoped to have everything finalized over the course of the next month.

The page was a team effort to build and involved contributions and oversight of Pastor Scott Peterson, Jack Mast, Rebecca Mast, Tim Spence, Rhonda Gaede, members of the staff and Meredith Kilby, MLC’s Media and Communications Coordinator.   You may direct any comments or concerns to Meredith Kilby at communications@mlutheran.org