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2021 Messiah Messenger Newsletter Archive

December 2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page:  “Thank God for the Vibrant Light of Advent!”
  • Outreach:  Life Passages;  Outreach Spotlight: All the Ways to Support Kit Ministry
  • Worship & Music: Christmas Eve Services announced, Rehearsal schedules,  Ring and Sing December 12 at 6:30
  • Youth & Education:  Youth Christmas Events,  December Sunday School Update
  • News Flashes:  Reminders, Poinsettia Orders,
  • Meet MLC’s Newest Members!  Congregation Meeting Recap

November 2021 Messenger

  • Pator’s Page: “God’s Story – Your Story” Bible Class: 22 Sessions on both the Old & New Testaments
  • Outreach: Life Passages; Outreach Spotlight: Cleaning Supplies for Afghan Refugees
  • Music: Worship & Advent information; Rehearsal schedule & Hymn of the Month
  • Youth & Education: Youth events and Christmas Party date
  • News Flashes: Congregation Meeting, Sunday, Nov. 14th at Noon, Comforters Quilt Auction, One Table Huntsville
  • Electronic Sign Debt Update (Retired!)
  • Month in Pictures, calendar,  and more!

October 2021 Messenger

  • Pastor’s Message: “Whose Job is it to ‘Sell’ God’s Good News to Others?”
  • Outreach:  Life Passages, One Table Huntsville
  • Music:  Worship and Music Rehearsal Schedule
  • Youth: Youth news,  Message from Deacon Sara
  • News Flashes: Giving Sunday is October 3 – Handmade Market October 30
  • Council Listing & More! 

September 2021 Messenger

  • Pastor’s Message: I had a stroke. God takes bad things and turns them into very good things!
  • Outreach:  Life Passages, CASA Workday on September 11
  • Music:  Worship and Music Rehearsal Schedule
  • Youth: Youth news,  Volunteer Training,  Rally Day Recap
  • News Flashes: Sara Galyon approved for ordination, Flower Guild Update, Sign Debt Shrinking

August 2021 Messenger 

  • Pastor’s Message: Activities Coming Back to MLC
  • Outreach:  Life Passages, Southeastern Synod Assembly Highlights
  • Music:  Worship and Music Rehearsal Schedule
  • Youth: Youth news,  Volunteer Training,  Confirmation & More
  • News Flashes ALZ Bake Sale, Bishop Strickland Visit, & Nursery Attendant Job Opening
  • Update from Vicar William and Kayla Strand

July 2021 Messenger

  • Pastor’s Message: Love One Another
  • Outreach:  Life Passages, Owen’s House Update
  • Music:  Worship Updates for July
  • Youth: VBS Details and  July Youth Events
  • Month in Pictures

June 2021 Messenger

  • Pastor’s Message:  “Listen to the Questions”
  • Outreach:  Life Passages  Spotlight: House of the Harvest deck project
  • Worship and Music:  MLC Worship Schedule in transition, Choir rehearsals resume
  • Faith Formation:  Family Tie Dye Party June 6, VBS July 12-14 with St. Matthews
  • News flashes,  Document Storage, Chancel Flowers, Stream Team Training
  • William Strand Minnesota Bound.   Blessing and Sending on June 27 with Reception for William and Kayla at Noon on MLC’s terrace
  • Why Masks?
  • Online Photo Gallery, and More!

May 2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Message:  “Look around you. What a fertile mission field! 
  • Outreach:  Life Passages  Spotlight: Disaster Relief Mission Trip Planned
  • Worship and Music:  Changes to worship schedule coming May 23. 
  • Faith Formation:  Family Tie Dye Party June 6
  • Graduate Blessing (and Baskets) set for May 16
  • New Online Giving Portal with Vanco announced.
  • Newsflashes, Pictures

April  2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Message – “Anxious for Easter?”
  • Outreach-  LIfe Passages,  Spotlight: On Eagle’s Wings Update
  • Music Notes –  MLC Virtual Choir
  • Faith Formation & Youth –  Meeting Schedules
  • News Flashes, Council Updates, Pictures, and More! 

March 2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Highlights: “Mission Opportunities are Overflowing!”
  • Outreach: Life Passages, Outreach Spotlight: Davidson Farms – Cottage Community
  • Faith Formation: Youth meeting dates and Faith Formation updates
  • News Flashes: Thank you from Nelson family.  JAM-PACK Jumbo Sat.  Mar. 27
  • Council update and contact details
  • Restroom Facelift Report

February 2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “Love is the Way”
  • Outreach – Life Passages, Lunches for Learning Update
  • Music Notes – Music schedules, Live Streamed Lenten Services, and “Hymn of the Month”
  • Faith Formation – Update from Vicar Sara, Lenten Activity Boxes, YALL Lenten Study
  • Newsflashes – CASA Valentine Project
  • Month in Pictures – Bathroom Renovations nearly complete

January 2021 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “What Big Hard Things Can We Do in 2021?” 
  • Outreach – Life Passages, Survivor Support Group Forming,  Owens House Update
  • Worship and Music –  Zoom rehearsals and hymn of the month
  • Faith Formation – Vicar Sara Galyon explains her internship
  • News flashes, Holy-Day Giving Recap for 2020, & more!