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Welcome to the MLC Pastor Transition Resource Page

The purpose of this page is to provide members information and helpful links to resources relevant to MLC’s pastoral transition appropriate to share in a public space.  It will be updated regularly.  Members should rely on MLC E-News first for important updates.   If you have further questions or concerns for the Transition Team please email mlc.transitionteam@mlutheran.org

New and Noteworthy

Coming Soon! 
MSP Questionnaire – Part 1 (by May 29)
MSP Survey – Part 2 (TBA) 


The Transition Team is in the process of collecting information that will be used to create the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) for Messiah  It will follow the format of the ELCA’s Sample Ministry Site Format.  Please see the sample, below.

Sample Ministry Site Profile

The MSP describes our setting, mission, opportunities, resources, challenges, and the type of minister we are seeking. This is an essential document that is used by the Bishop to match the needs of our congregation with the skills, interests, and aptitude of candidates seeking a new call.  It is our job advertisement and résumé.  

It is also a “process” in which we have the opportunity to assess our mission and priorities.  In the coming weeks the Transition Team will be leading this process with Temple Talks, multiple surveys, and Town Hall and/or Roundtable Discussions.  We encourage you to take an active role in helping us discern Messiah’s mission and God’s plan.  Please contact any member of the Transition Team if you have questions.


visual display board is now up in the Narthex. 

Stop by and “leaf” your memory onto this interactive timeline of MLC since its founding in 1990.  There are instructions and materials on the table to guide you. Be sure to include the year of your memory.   Photos will also be collected to put together a Messiah Journey virtual montage. They will be collected by Kari Pitchko.   View Kari’s April 24 Temple Talk

Updates & Links

May 17, 2022 – Constitutions Survey Completed. 81  Members responded.   Survey Results

May 13, 2022 – Reminder Sent Concerning Constitution Survey

May 8, 2022 – Town Hall Meeting on Constitution Revisions. Members – see the May 10 E-News for link to recap of meeting and video.

May 2, 2022 –  Town Hall Notice and Link to Constitution Survey and Comments Page announced at Congregation Meeting.  

Apr 24, 2022 – Kari Pitchko Temple Talk on “Messiah Journey” display
Apr 21, 2022 – Town Hall on May 8 to Focus on Constitution
Feedback on MLC Constitution Posted to 2022 Constitution Update Page
Apr 13, 2022 – Webpage for Constitution Update Created
Apr  7, 2022 –  Input on Constitution Sought (E-News) 
Mar 13, 2022 – March 13 MLC Transition Team Installed 
Feb 16, 2022 – Feb 16 Town Hall Meeting Announcement
Feb 11, 2022 – Move-In  Help Requested (See Details!)
Jan 27,  2022 Parsonage Service Opportunities (MLC E-News, Jan. 27, 30) 
Jan 27,  2022 – Welcome Basket for Pastor Diana  (See MLC E-News, Jan. 27, 30)
Jan 11, 2022 Meet Diana Bottin, MLC’s Interim Pastor (MLC E-News, Jan 11, 2022)

Please visit the 2022 Constitution Update page below for information and a timeline of the Constition Revision Process. There is also a link to a protected page where members can find the survey and make additional comments on the draft constitution. 

2022 Constitution Update Page 

Interim Timeline

The Call Process is a journey. It begins when a pastor resigns and ends when the new Permanent Pastor is installed.  What happens in-between is a multi-step process of discovery — of looking into the mirror of who MLC is – where it wants to go — and which Pastor best fits MLC.   To help illustrate to members the key points on that journey, Pastor Diana Bottin developed an “Interim Timeline.”   A poster of the timeline (with a few fun visuals added) is located outside of the church office.

MLC Transition Team 

 The Transition Team has many roles and objectives throughout the pastoral transition.  Please see the MLC Transition Team Purpose, below.   One key objective of the Transition Team is to complete MLC’s Ministry Site Profile (MSP).

Transition Team Members are as follows:  Rebecca Mast(Chair) Dan Byers, Kari Pitchko, Mark Thompson, John Shriver, and Janell Zesinger.  Aternates: Dana Burton, Mary Ann Stasiak 

MLC Transition Team Purpose

Members may reach out to the MLC transition teach at:

Transition Resources 

Messiah’s Constitution & Bylaws

The governing document of Messiah Lutheran Church is its Constitution and Bylaws.  

“Chapter 9: The Pastor” highlights the requirements for calling a pastor, their duties, and the procedures that govern when there is a  pastoral vacancy.

MLC’s Constitution & Bylaws – 2022 Constitution Updates Page

A solid understanding of our governing document is essential as it defines who we are and how we operate and makes decisions as a congregation in the ELCA.

Southeastern Synod ELCA Call Resources

“The call process is an intentional time of prayerful partnership between the bishop’s staff and the congregation’s leaders.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in this time of leadership transition working through both the congregation and the synod staff to clarify the congregation’s purpose and mission in the community and to identify leaders who God may be calling to serve a congregation into the future.”

Download the Call Process Manual

Staying Connected & Informed

Here are three ways members can be more closely connected to MLC through this Interim Period.

1. Attend Services of Worship in-person or online. 

As our website message to guests states,  “… worship is central to Messiah. Hearing God’s Word and celebrating our Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the glowing core from which all else radiates in the life of Messiah.”   Worship brings us together as a Christian community to hear God’s Word and be led actively by the Holy Spirit! 

Miss a service? MLC Sunday 11:00 a.m. services are livestreamed and available for viewing after the service concludes. They can be found on MLC’s online service gallery.

2. Participate, understand, trust, and PRAY for MLC, the call process, and those in transition leadership.   

Stay active in the life of MLC ministries as you are able. Read the call manual and MLC’s Constitution. If there’s a church survey — answer it!  If there’s a meeting — attend it or Zoom in.  Pray for MLC and those serving in leadership positions, the Transition Team and the Call Committee (once it is formed). Trust the process and trust in God’s guidance of MLC’s leadership and congregation.

3. Read your MLC E-News!  These e-mails go out around Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also early Sunday mornings.  Special notices will also be sent.  Members who are not receiving these emails should contact office@mlutheran.org.