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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Faith Formation at MLCDear Parents, Did you know that you are your child(ren)’s primary teacher of our Christian faith?  You are.  What you say and do teaches them more about living our faith than any Sunday School teacher or pastor. “Faith...

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TBD -Taking Back Discipleship

TBD -Taking Back Discipleship

And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”John 20:22 Using new spiritual gifts “breathed” upon them by the Holy Spirit, these servants are finding new (and safe) ways to be “God’s People Reaching Out.” Lee...

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“The Messiah Messenger”

The Official  Monthly Newsletter of Messiah Lutheran Church
Newsletter Editor:  Rebecca Mast
Communications Director: Meredith Kilby 

August 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – Life and Death – Are you alive? 
  • Outreach – Life Passages / Ministry Updates
  • Worship and Music –  Concluding thoughts on liturgy.
  • Faith Formation – Youth meeting information and Faith Five
  • News Flashes – How Lutherans Interpret the Bible study begins August 26

 July 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – All about Psalms!
  • Outreach – Life Passages / Ministry Updates
  • Worship and Music –  Online Only Worship Continues
  • Youth – Education –  Vacation Bible School July 13 – 17 “Compassion Camp” online VBS
  • News Flashes – Worship Update, Starkloff Memorial / Reception info

June 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Message: What Did You Do During the Pandemic?
  • Outreach: Life Passages and Outreach Updates
  • Music: Talent Show on Zoom June 26
  • Newsflashes
  • Celebrating MLC’s 30th

May 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “Who is God? God is our keeper.”
  • Outreach – Life Passages / How God’s People Are Reaching Out During the Pandemic
  • Worship and Music –  Online Only Worship Through May, Music Camp canceled
  • Youth – Education –  Vacation Bible School July 17 – July 18 at St. Matthews Episcopal
  • News Flashes – Congregation Meeting May 3, 10:00 a.m., Program Updates
  • Prayer Families, Birthdays, Photos, and more!

April 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “What are we missing when we do not receive the Lord’s Supper?”
  • Outreach – Life Passages / How to give financially to MLC during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Worship and Music –  Music Camp June 1-8, 2020, music ministries taking place at home
  • Youth – Education –  Zoom video being used to gather, learn and keep youth connected
  • News Flashes – Cancellations, Electronic Sign Matching Gift announced
  • Communication Updates and Observations
  • Prayer Families, Birthdays, Photos and more!

March 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – Lent is going to be different this year!
  • Outreach – Life Passages / Kit Ministry Emphasis for Lent
  • Worship and Music –  Music Camp June 8-12, 2020, ELW 8 this month
  • Youth – Education –  Youth meeting dates, “Prodigal God” Adult Sunday School Information
  • News Flashes – Grand View University Concert at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church March 19
  • Prayer Families, Birthdays, New Member Photos and more

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “How God Fixed What We Broke”
  • Outreach – Life Passages / Men of Messiah Fellowship – “Lutheran Disaster Response”
  • Worship and Music –  Music Camp June 8-12, 2020
  •  Youth –  Confirmation Retreat Information
  • News Flashes – What might God say through MLC Electronic Sign
  • Prayer Families, Birthdays, Month in Pictures and more!
  • Link to Talent Show Pictures

January 2020 Newsletter

  • Pastor’s Page – “Let’s Do Something New This Year”
  • Outreach – Life Passages / Men of Messiah Fellowship – “Handy MoMs”
  • Worship and Music –  Talent Show Jan 5th – Lopez Tabor Concert Feb 1
  • Youth –  First Communion Instruction begins Jan 19
  • News Flashes – Thank you from Pastor Scott, AARP Tax Aide information
  • Prayer Families, Birthdays, Month in Pictures and more!
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