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Children and Youth Fellowship Groups

MOES- Messiah Older Elementary Students

Who: Grades 3 – 5   When: Once a month, dates and times vary based on activity and are communicated in the Newsletter, E-News, and weekly emails.

What is it?  Time to build a community with peers outside of Christian education.  MOES offers a chance to learn about various aspects of the church through participation in service, fellowship, intergenerational gatherings, and serves as a place to reinforce the role of the faith community in the life of kids.

 Jr. Youth

Who: Grades 6-8  When: Regular meetings every Sunday 5-6:30 with other meetings/trips as announced. 

What is it? Jr. Youth is a stepping stone to Senior youth and enjoys plus a time to build a community together and a chance to become used to the structure of youth group.  Jr Youth is a place to live into still being a “kid” while reaching towards being a teenager.

Senior Youth

Who: Grades 9-12  When: Regular meeting times Sunday night, 5-6:30, with other meetings/trips as announced.

What is it?  

  • A time to gather with similar age youth in fellowship
  • Service, we often participate in service projects/outings/mission trips
  • A safe space to discuss issues of faith, life, doubt and the world with youth and adults willing to engage youth in these areas.

Parents: Children & Youth Fellowship Groups are not intended as a replacement for traditional Christian Education or Worship! 

Person of Contact for Children and Youth Fellowship Groups – Sarah Walker –  Interim Youth Coordinator

How Sarah Communicates: Sarah sends out weekly e-mails to parents and youth about upcoming youth events. If you have a youth and are not on Sarah’s distribution list, please contact her.  These e-mail updates are essential as they often include sign-up links, addresses of off-site meetings and details not shared on the website / e-news.  They will also appear in the monthly newsletter.

MLC Youth Calendar

Activities for Children & Youth Pre-K to Grade 12


First Communion Instruction

First Communion classes are offered for youth 10 years of age or older, or close.  Communion classes typically run consecutively for three weeks, are approximately 30 minutes in length and take place following the late service.  Specific details concerning First Communion, it’s instruction and celebration are announced annually in December.

If you are interested in First Communion classes for yourself or your child, please talk to Pastor Peterson or call the Church Office at 721-0041.

Confirmation Program

At Messiah, we sponsor a two-year confirmation program for eighth and ninth grade students. Confirmation at Messiah is about faith formation, not simply faith information. We focus on being the church, not teaching about the church. Our program includes learning events, fellowship events, service events,  and worship events.  If you are interested in Confirmation classes for yourself or your child, please talk to Pastor Peterson or call the Church Office at 721-0041.

Confirmation classes are held Wednesday evenings as scheduled through the year.

First Year Instructor:  Lois Graff 

Second Year Instructor: Laurie Campbell


Bonnie Flowers
Council Representative for Education and Youth

MLC is currently seeking to fill its part-time Youth & Education Director position.    Please contact us at 256.721.0041 for more information. 

Sarah Walker
Jr. & Sr. Youth Coordinator (Interim) 

Aaron Woods
Council Representative for Youth

Youth Volunteer Training  Course 

All MLC staff and volunteers who have regular contact with minor children attending Messiah ministries are required to complete Youth Volunteer Training, submit a volunteer application and pass a background check.

MLC Youth & Education Volunteer Application


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If you are already enrolled, it will tell you there, but if you aren’t, or if you’d like to change to Messiah from a previous organization, you can either search for us by name or with our new number: QX185. We thank you all for your continued support of our youth!  (mlutheran.org/youth page for details)