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Welcome to our online training for Children’s and Youth Volunteers for anyone who works with children or youth at our church. If you did not attend an in person training, this page is for you! We appreciate your willingness to serve the children and youth at Messiah, and your commitment to keeping them safe.

To complete the training you’ll need to:
1. Read the Youth Activity Standards (YAS),
2. Watch the 30 minute video below, and
3. Take the quiz at the end.

4. Complete a background screening (paid by MLC) as needed per our current YAS. You will be notified if one is required.

MLC Youth Activity Standards

Our Youth Activity Standards document details the policies, procedures and standards for all activities involving minors at MLC.

Read, Download or Print the Youth Activities Standards document.

These documents will also help in your understanding of signs of abuse, and facts about child abuse.



Training Video

This content will be updated soon. References to Pastor Scott or Council VP now mean “MLC’s Pastor, Council President” respectively.

Youth Activity Standards Quiz

This is a ten question quiz. 100% needed to pass and take as many times as needed. Your scores will be reviewed by the education_rep@mlutheran.org


Please contact Bonnie Flowers education_rep@mlutheran.org or the church office with any questions.