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Thanks to everyone who donated books or funds to purchase books.  The Messiah Lutheran Church Outreach Committee reports that they have collected ninety books that will be delivered to the HEALS Clinic at Madison Crossroads Elementary. The kids at the HEALS clinic are going to love these books.

Health Establishments at Local Schools (HEALS), Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Huntsville, Alabama dedicated to providing accessible quality, school-based primary health care for children through collaborative efforts with the Huntsville City/Madison County school systems and the medical community.

By providing free on-site medical and dental care, mental health counseling, and social services at our participating schools, HEALS, Inc. makes an immediate difference in the lives of many children.

The HEALS Mission is to keep children healthy and optimize their opportunities for success in school and society.

HEALS provides school-based medical & dental care to children at local schools.
The mission of Heals is to keep children healthy and optimize their opportunities for success in school and society. By providing accessible school-based health care for eligible economically disadvantaged children, we are a real solution, right now to the health care crisis by providing them with a medical and dental home.

HEALS makes a long-term national impact.  In these times of health care reform, and much uncertainty on the national stage, HEALS is a real solution, right now.  It is undisputed that early intervention and health education lead to lower lifetime medical costs.

HEALS makes a positive impact on our community.  Healthy children learn better at school and have lower delinquency rates.  Children who have a medical home where they are nurtured and supported are more likely to succeed in school, and in life.  Children who receive positive attention and who are given ways to take positive control of their lives are more likely to exhibit better behavior in school and in the community.

HEALS makes an immediate impact.  Children who have a medical home do not go to the Emergency room for routine care.  Therefore, children get high quality continuity of medical care, and fewer tax dollars are required to subsidize ER visits.

Messiah Lutheran Church is a proud supporter of the HEALS Clinic at Madison Crossroads Elementary School.  If you would like to learn more about HEALS or how to help in this important ministry, please contact Janell Zessinger or the Messiah Lutheran Church Office.