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Congratulations to the newest confirmands of Messiah Lutheran Church. Sunday marked the end of a two year program in which the confirmands built upon their faith foundation. During this two year process, the confirmands focused on many areas of their spiritual life including:

  • A focus on grace, affirmation of Baptism, mission, discipleship, and vocation.
  • A focus on the Bible and the Small Catechism.
  • An understanding of affirmation of Baptism as a lifelong process rather than a once-in-a-lifetime event.

This year’s confirmands are:

  • Meggy Nazrini deJong
  • James Samuel Hendrick
  • Mitchell Taylor Holden
  • Stephanie Taylor Holden
  • Jacob Alexander Mahafza
  • Mikayla Rachel Mast
  • Rebecca Lynn Mast
  • Morgan Nicole McDaniels
  • Jacqueline Dee Stender
  • Ashlyn Allegra Perry
  • Kyle Aaron Thompson
Confirmation usually takes place during the 8th and 9th grades, but older students often participate.  If you are interested in confirmation, please contact the Church office.