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Congratulations to the newest confirmands of Messiah Lutheran Church. Sunday marked the end of a two year program in which the confirmands built upon their faith foundation. During this two year process, the confirmands focused on many areas of their spiritual life including:

  • A focus on grace, affirmation of Baptism, mission, discipleship, and vocation.
  • A focus on the Bible and the Small Catechism.
  • An understanding of affirmation of Baptism as a lifelong process rather than a once-in-a-lifetime event.

This year’s confirmands are:

  • Meggy Nazrini deJong
  • James Samuel Hendrick
  • Mitchell Taylor Holden
  • Stephanie Taylor Holden
  • Jacob Alexander Mahafza
  • Mikayla Rachel Mast
  • Rebecca Lynn Mast
  • Morgan Nicole McDaniels
  • Jacqueline Dee Stender
  • Ashlyn Allegra Perry
  • Kyle Aaron Thompson
Confirmation usually takes place during the 8th and 9th grades, but older students often participate.  If you are interested in confirmation, please contact the Church office.
Pass the Peace!
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