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Connect with Messiah


E-News Bulletins

E-News Bulletins serve to keep MLC households informed and up-to date throughout the week.  They include event reminders, worship and weekday schedules,  and a variety of announcements.  Members are asked to keep their preferred e-mail accounts current with the church office.

“Messenger” Blog & Newsletter

The Messenger Blog is a collection of online articles which posted right here on www.mlutheran.com. These posts feature MLC ministries, missions and events and posted to this website periodically by our team of volunteer contributors.   Some feature upcoming opportunities, while others serve to give a good recap of Messiah happenings.

The Monthly Messenger Newsletter is MLC’s monthly newsletter, published on the first of every month. You can choose to have a digital version e-mailed to you or have a printed version mailed to you.   Its calendar will highlight major dates on the calendar.

Narthex Welcome Center  & Ministry Bulletin Boards

The large welcome desk on the right as you enter the Narthex of Messiah is where you’ll find flyers and signup lists for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Outside of the church office you’ll find a long row of bulletin boards which are regularly maintained by the many ministries of Messiah.

Sunday Bulletin & Pre-Service Announcements

Important announcements on upcoming events will often appear in the Sunday bulletin and be highlighted as  pre-service worship service starts.

Social Media

Social Media has emerged as a powerful entertainment & information platform that can help spread God’s Good News to an increasingly connected world.

Facebook   We have an official, public Facebook page. This means anyone with an internet connection can view what we post on that page, even those without a Facebook account.  For that reason, the page is carefully moderated and regularly updated by Messiah volunteers.  Posts will focus on Messiah Lutheran Church events, worship, ministries and missions.   Like and Share your favorite posts, it’s a quick and effortless way to share your church community at Messiah with friends and neighbors.

Twitter  Twitter is a social media platform based on short character limited posts called “tweets.”  Tweets are public, and like our Facebook page, focused on MLC activities only.  In order to “follow” Messiah’s Twitter page, an account is necessary.

Review the Messiah Lutheran Church Social Media Guide / Policy (Coming Soon)