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Are you going through an attic or storage space as a project while awaiting liberation?  That always takes me much longer than I think it should.  I get caught up in memories.  Does God speak to us when we reminisce?  Memories can be rich reviews of blessings from God; and also bring back images when grief and/or confusion gripped us.  Dr. Frost writes of the attic of the heart, the musty, back spaces of the mind.’  Where does this devotion catch you?   –Pastor Scott

ATTICS by Gerhard Frost

There’s something about attics
that can mesmerize and paralyze.
They’re good for “tripping,”
and forgetting this present world.
It’s best not to risk a visit to the attic
unless one is prepared to let “twenty minutes”
become half a day.

The “I remember room,”
it brings lumps to the throat
or chuckles of recollection.
With half a century for forgetting
I smell our attic yet,
and see it, too.
Seed-corn drying by the chimney,
National Geographics piled against the wall,
sentimental throw-aways that just wouldn’t be thrown,
and things outgrown or out of date.

One needs to visit the attic of the heart,
the musty, back spaces of the mind,
to bring to remembrance the days
when one clung to too small a God
and confessed an inadequate creed,
too cramped for the human situation.

It is well that we visit our attics,
but, as mother used to say,
“Don’t drag things down.”

There’s beauty and deep meaning in the attic,
But it mustn’t be the living room.
It’s not for changing,
just remembering,
And to live is always to change.