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GRIEF teaches hard lessons.  In this resurrection season we remember loved ones now entrusted to our Lord’s eternal care.  Our faith gives powerful consolation when we grieve.  Yet, when another dear one departs the grieving continues with another layer added to the heap.  More urgency is added to our prayer, “Thy kingdom come”. 

All Over Again

Some times elderly saints long to rejoin those who have gone before them, more than they long to hang on to this life.  That is the longing of all saints when we pray “Come, Lord Jesus!”  In these strange, unsettled times if you have been praying, “Come, Lord Jesus!, you are not alone in that prayer.   –Pastor Scott

ALL OVER AGAIN by Gerhard Frost

It was a quiet lane,
one of the many in that Wisconsin wood
at the spacious retreat ground
where we were staying,
my friend and I.

We walked and talked
for our friendship
went back to school days,
and here we were,
past middle age.
The swift years had brought gifts,
as they always do,
of memorable joys
and chastening sorrows.

We had married at about the same time,
but after very few years
his wife had died.
We spoke of that, and I said,
“You’ve been places
where I haven’t been;
you’ve learned things
that I can’t really know.”
“Yes,” he said, “But one has to learn them
all over again!”

His words checked me then
and have disturbed me since.
Perhaps this is the significance of sorrow,
that it underscores and rehearses
great meanings, so that,
in the round of daily experiences,
we do not lose them.