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Soggy Cereal and Tepid Tea

Dear Disciples, this may be my favorite Gerhard Frost poem.  Many times it encouraged me enough to offer my meager gifts in hopes our Lord may find a way to use me.  –Pastor Scott


When I remember that I am a parent,
and think of God as Father,
I recall a special breakfast
brought to me in bed.

We awoke early
to the sound of hurrying feet.
We wondered what they were up to,
our four- and eight-year-olds;
but soon it came-
breakfast in bed.

It was an elaborate menu:
chilled burnt toast, with peanut butter;
eggs, fried, and chilled, too;
soggy cereal,
(the milk had been added too soon)
and tepid tea!
A horrendous mix.

When they stepped out for a moment
to get something they’d forgotten (heaven forbid!)
my wife whispered
“You’re going to have to eat this, I can’t!”
And I did.

I didn’t eat as a gourmet,
for it wasn’t gourmet cooking;
I didn’t even eat as a hungry man
for I wasn’t hungry.

I ate it as a father
because it was made for me;
I was expected to;
they had faith in me.
And I ate because it was served on eager feet
and with starry eyes.

I think of my poor service to God
as teacher, parent,
interpreter of the Good News.
I know that my offerings are soggy,
tepid, and unfit,
but my Father receives them
and even blesses them-
not because I am good
but because he is!