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What was wrong?  Last month I walked by the closed door where the Seraph Choir was supposed to be practicing, but it was quiet.  Where did they go?  I peeked in the darkened door window.  I saw children in there, but all were quiet!  The Seraphs together and quiet?  Amazing!

When I asked Lois, the Seraph director, “How on earth did you get the Seraphs quiet?”  She explained, One of the things the Seraph children like most is quiet time. We started this last year.  I had read that many of us rarely have a chance for quiet in our lives.  Just a minute or two of quiet time helps children re-center and relax in their busy lives.” 

As a father of three many times I said, “Silence is golden.”  As Dr. Frost muses it goes much deeper.  Easter joy and hope to you!  –Pastor Scott

THAT LOUDEST SOUND  by Gerhard Frost

There are burdens of meaning
which shatter speech,
splitting language at the seams
and leaving the loudest sound of all:
wonder-filled silence.
Such are the O God moments,
times when prayer trails off beyond sound,
when griefs and joys are too deep
for articulation.

God reads us,
unerringly hears our thoughts
and understands language
that leaves all words behind.

To be a person is to hold a secret,
and to have feelings too deep for sharing,
the secret at the center of one’s being,
that secret which calls for sharing
only with him who is meant to possess us.

Respect for person means
to leave much to silence
because one leaves all to God.