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Linda Kay next to hospital building with Asclepius staff


Greco Roman Grand Theater


Our group in front of the Library


St. John Basilica , the tomb of St. John in Ephesus


Mary Ann in front of The church of St. John

Ephesus is amazing!  Everyone I have talked to who has been here told me that. Visiting Ephesus today was even better than I anticipated. Imagine a theater seating 23,000 which still requires no amplification to hear someone speaking on stage when you are in the upper reaches of the theater. The Library of Celsus is the backdrop for our group picture above. We also saw the tomb of St. John today. 

The Biblical sites and connections here seem endless. Turkey truly is the second Holy Land. 

We also witnessed a demonstration of how Turkish rugs are made. Impressive. We are well and looking forward to a few more days of touring before our departure early on Sunday. Grace and peace.