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Pastor Scott Christmas Gift 2021

Messiah Lutheran Church Congregation

Dear Friends,

In the past, we have taken contributions for a Christmas gift/bonus for Pastor Peterson.  This gift had traditionally been in the form of cash for him and his family to use during the holiday season.

This gift is our congregation’s way of saying THANK YOU for the times he has been there for us, the inspiration he gives in his weekly sermons, his dedication to the growth of our Lutheran family and his love for all of us. 

You may give your gift by cash, check or online via our PayPal app / QR Code below.

Contributions for the gift may be placed into the offering basket on Sunday mornings or sent by mail to MLC. Please write “Pastor’s Gift” on the envelope or memo line so that it does not get included into the general fund.  In order to ensure the gift can be presented at the 5:00 p.m. Service of Worship on Christmas Eve, we encourage all donations be made no later than Sunday morning, December 19th.  Any gift donations for Pastor will be given to him, regardless of when it is received.

Note: Per IRS Publication 526, “Payments to a member of the clergy that can be spent as he or she wishes” are not tax deductible.