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Today was Messiah Lutheran Church’s Annual Halloween Party and Chili Cook-Off.  This is always a great event, but this year the Fellowship Committee out-did themselves.  Everyone had a ghoulishly good time.  The decorations were great.  The food was delicious.  There were a ton of great costumes, and not just on the kids.  Many of the adults also dressed for the event.  After the opening Halloween Parade, the kids got down to some serious activities including pin the wart on the witch, guess the goo, jack-o-lantern toss, fishing and the ever popular Halloween Cake Walk.  While the kids were winning lots of prizes, the adults were taking part in some very serious Chili Judging.  There were 12 entries this year, and it was very difficult to select a winner from all of the very tasty chili.  In the end, the grand prize went to Chili Master Dan Byers.  Second Place went to Emily Householder and Third Place went to Stephen Strand.  The winner of the hottest chili contest was Stephen Strand with an entry so hot that it had to be kept in a special container for fear of spontaneous combustion.  Many thanks to everyone on the Fellowship Committee for making the Halloween Party so much fun!

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