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On Saturday, 23 October 2010, Messiah Lutheran Church conducted a Handmade Market to raise funds for our Lunches For Learning Ministry.  During this second year of the Handmade Market, the talented artists and craftsmen of the Messiah congregation donated over 700 items.  The donated items include every imaginable manner of handicraft including paintings, photographs, sewed and knitted items, woodwork, food, seasonal decorations and much, much more. A host of volunteers organized the donations and manned the cash registers.  The community turned out in full force to support the event.  Additionally, a delicious taco lunch was prepared to raise additional funds.  In total, over $3,750 was raised, which will allow Messiah Lutheran Church to continue supporting this awesome program for next year.

Lunches for Learning exists to help break the cycle of poverty by providing nutrition and nutritional supplements to the very poor children in public schools in the Republic of Honduras.  It costs approximately $15 per month to feed one child a nutritious meal each day of the school year.  In the schools where the Lunches for Learning program have been in place, the results have been outstanding.  The children are coming to school to receive a meal, but they are also receiving an education.  And those children who receive an elementary school education in Honduras are much more likely to be able to get a well paying job and end the cycle of poverty.

If you would like to learn more about Lunches For Learning, please visit the Lunches For Learn Page on the Messiah Lutheran Church Website.  You can also donate to Lunches For Learn by designating your weekly offering to Lunches For Learning.

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