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How does shopping in Madison, AL turn into meals for students in Honduras?

It happens with a unique program called Lunches for Learning. Messiah Lutheran Church of Madison continues its participation in this special mission again on October 15th with its 7th annual “Handmade Market.” Throughout the year, crafters of all kinds make and donate items to the sale. Items range from jewelry to hand knit apparel and accessories as well as jams and jellies. The items are available just in time to get some early holiday shopping done.

ALL PROCEEDS from the sale benefit the Bonito Montoya School in Honduras. Why not make some time to stop by Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. while you are out and about? To preview just what’s for sale, please visit the crafter’s Pinterest Sale page.

Messiah Lutheran is located at 7240 Hwy 72 in Madison AL.   With your stop and shop, you can make a difference!