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Bless My Growing… and Sticking Around

Holy Saturday must have been an unholy terror for the first disciples.  They had hitched their star to Jesus–investing about three years of their lives on a wild, itinerant ride.  Yet, it was much more than that.  Countless times they had witnessed Jesus doing things which only God could do.  Jesus had even empowered and sent them out in pairs to heal, exorcise, and preach.  No wonder the twelve had argued about their positions of authority when Jesus brought in His kingdom. 

Suddenly it was all over with a torturous exclamation point.  Jesus was dead and buried.  What was their future?  Were they safe?  Were the plans and crosses being prepared to nail them up next?  Can we imagine wondering about our future, our safety, our mortality?

Our answer to that last question these days may be, “I’m not afraid of being crucified, but Yes!  Recently I have wondered about my future, safety, death, and more.”

Stick around.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  Sunday is not just the first day of the week, it is also the eighth day of God’s creation.  Please don’t miss worship online tomorrow. 

–Pastor Scott

BLESS MY GROWING by Gerhard Frost

Lord, I’ve been wondering:
Why do I say I?
Why must I ask why?
Why is joy so close to pain?
Why do I feel transparent in the presence of a child?
Why am I often lonely in a crowd?
Why are people so sober before a clock? And a ten-dollar bill?
Why am I so loud when I’m wrong? Or so fierce when I am afraid?
Why is the human face most beautiful when it is looking up?
Why, in moments of crisis, do people either curse or pray?
Why does prosperity drive us apart?
And adversity bring us together?
Why is it painful to celebrate alone?
Why does my ability to ask questions
exceed my capacity to receive answers?
Why am I a mystery even to myself?
Lord, give me the right questions, and bless my growing.