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The Kit Ministers of Messiah Lutheran Church continue to prepare kits for Lutheran World Relief (LWR).  Last year Messiah supported Lutheran World Relief with 970 Layette Kits, School Kits, and Health Kits.  This year the Kit Ministers have set their goal even higher.  They intend to prepare over 1000 kits which will be used by LWR to support those in need around the world.  Every day in 35 countries, Lutheran World Relief works to combat the causes of poverty and the dignity it robs from people’s lives. We advocate for Fair Trade that helps farming families and artisans earn a better income. We teach people to better care for themselves, their communities and the environment. We teach people how to be less vulnerable to natural disasters. We advocate with and for them for policy change that more fairly represents them. We counsel them after manmade and natural disasters, and help them recover with material aid. We do all of this exclusively with partners from the communities we serve. Our partners help us remain incredibly efficient and effective. Our partners let us help people help themselves…for a day when they won’t need us at all.

Would you like to help the Kit Ministers in their mission?  Please contact Rhonda Gaede or the Church office for more information.  You can also make a designated offering to the kit ministries by marking your offering envelope with “Kit Ministries”.