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Gifts for Those Who Have Everything, or Truly Need Nothing are sometimes the hardest to check off your list! 

Please.  Don’t buy me anything. ”
“I don’t know what I want.  I tend to be the person that when I see something I like, I just buy it!”
“Really. I’m trying to downsize my stuff. I really have everything I need.”

Have you heard any of those phrases lately? There are many adults who do not equate piles of Christmas presents with having a Merry Christmas and that is okay. While it may not be said truly in earnest, perhaps it is!  If someone on your Christmas list says that to you,  consider it a perfect opportunity to do something uncommonly good! Purchase a gift for a mission or charity in their name at Messiah’s Giving Mall.


Messiah’s Giving Mall is conveniently located in the narthex of  Messiah Lutheran Church, 7740 Hwy 72 West.  Hours are 8:00 – Noon daily.  Come shop before the Christmas Advent worship service this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and even on  Christmas Eve before (and after) the Candlelight Christmas  Eve services at 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.

Imagine what would happen if all the money spent on returned, unused, and unwanted Christmas gifts instead were given to local and global charities instead? If you are curious what that amount might be, last year CNBC reported that end of year returns could cost retailers close to $70 billion dollars. Think about that. Seventy BILLION dollars.  While that number is approximate, even a fraction of that “giving and returning” total could make a huge impact when given to a charitable organization or mission.

We have many gifts to choose from at the Giving Mall at Messiah Lutheran Church! Each gift you purchase comes with a card you can fill out and give to the recipient. You can choose from a wide assortment of gifts in all price ranges and interests.  Whether you decide to give GLOBAL or LOCAL,  it will all go to where there is need.   Add a special touch by purchasing a hand-made ornament from the Lunches for Learning ornament tree that will help provide school lunches to the children at Benito Montoya ES in El Barrial, Honduras.


MLC Giving Mall Order Form (complete and return to Messiah’s Giving Mall with payment.

ELCA Good Gifts Order Form (complete and return to Messiah’s with payment.

BONUS!  If you find yourself short of time to wrap presents, stop by Bridge Street this Tuesday, December 20th,   Teams of Messiah volunteers will be wrapping presents and taking donations for KidstoLove – Davidson Home.