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From 2011
During the week of 1-8 August, Messiah Lutheran Church will be hosting a team of volunteers from Grace Lutheran Church in Salisbury, NC.  This group of skilled carpenters and masons will be helping to rebuild tornado stricken areas (most likely the Harvest area).  
They will be arriving in Huntsville mid-afternoon on Monday, August 1 and will be staying in the Parish Hall.  Arrangements have been made for them to have shower access at Hogan YMCA on Hughes road.  They are bringing their own work equipment so we may have some trailers in the parking lot.  They will also be providing their own sleeping equipment and supplies and have been given access to Parish kitchen and the washer and dryer.  They may be cooking, and I have assured them that restaurants are very close for their convenience.
We are planning a congregation pot luck meal while they are here which will be conducted on Wednesday evening, August 3 at 6 PM. 
If you would like to help volunteer with the rebuilding effort or would like to help make our guest feel welcome, please contact Kay Spence for more information.