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The Men’s retreat was held October 24-26, 2013 at
Lutherranch.  The theme was “Fish, Work,
Explore” and all these were accomplished! 
We probably should have added fellowship to the theme!  Nine fellows went on the retreat.  We fished, we worked, we studied, we ate, and
we explored.
Our work project included removing significant amounts of
dead wood from around Holy Trinity House at Lutherranch.    Everyone at the retreat pitched in on the
task to pile the dead wood. 

Then, a crack
team of hired muscle (Pastor Scott, Martin Campbell, Ed Brunner, Mark Zesinger,
and Greg Kilby) hauled the wood away.  It
will make an impressive bonfire for a future group at Lutherranch.  What did we learn from the task?

You get what you pay for…. and when you need
a huge pile of wood moved fast, you hope Martin Campbell’s on your (free) labor

Our other task was to “organize” building materials in the
Lutherranch shed.  The Messiah team’s
skilled labor force, headed by Richard Webb, decided to construct a much needed
wood crib for the ranch.  Lee Smith, Bill
Murphy and Bob Loshuertos built the set of shelves seen in the shed

Our host, Mark Allen, greatly
appreciated the efforts of the team!

Our study for the weekend consisted of a brief look at Simon
Peter’s ministry.  Of course it
culminated with the great fishing story from John: 21. 
Despite all the productive work, we had plenty of time to
fish, eat, and explore Lutherranch.  What
a facility!   For our Friday dinner, we
were treated to Pastor Scott’s blackened fish (prepared from his 3rd
place (still pretty big…) fish from a summer fishing trip).  No doubt, it was better than Walter!  If you don’t know who Walter is … come to
Pastor Scott’s annual Fishing Sermon.

Stay tuned and get your name in for next year’s trip!  There is room for you at Messiah!

Greg Kilby