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Seal of MLC

Messiah’s triquetra-shaped emblem, above, springs from the Biblical meaning of Messiah: the Anointed One.
Symbols radiating from the cross of the crucified Messiah are the crown of Old Testament Kings who were anointed when coronated, the shell of Baptism reminds us that Jesus was anointed in Baptism to begin His ministry, the flame represents the Holy Spirt, and Pentecost day, when Jesus’ disciples were anointed to take God’s Word, perfected in the risen Christ, to all nations. 

The combination of shapes and symbols have been used by Messiah Lutheran Church since it’s very beginning and is actually described in Messiah’s constitution:

“The seal of this congregation shall include the intersecting portions of three non-diminishing concentric
circles. The cross shall be at the center of this seal with a crown, shell, and flame within the radiating

The emblem has undergone a number of small stylistic the through the years, with variants for print and digital use.