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For several years now, Messiah Lutheran Church has been a sponsor of an important ministry called Lunches For Learning.  Throughout the year, Messiah Lutheran conducts fund raising events to raise the funds to support the program. And in November we celebrated our schools first group of 6th grade graduates.  This March, Claire Strand and Lois Graff made the first mission trip to visit our school in person.

The goal of the Lunches for learning program is simple. It offers the children a nutritious meal each day in school to encourage the children not to drop out in order to search for food. The program provides the raw ingredients for the meals and the parents of the school volunteer and take turns preparing the food in their homes and take it to the school.

While visiting, Lois and Claire had the opportunity to meet with the students, parents and teachers. They even got to try a little cooking Honduras style.

While visiting the school, the children of the school performed a song for the visitors. The song was led by Alex who instructs the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades.

Did you know that:
60%–70% of the people in Honduras live in poverty.
20%–30% of elementary school children drop out of school each year so they can search for food.
Most of the children complete little if any education, but if they can make it through just the 6th grade, they will have a much greater chance at a productive life.

      Jesus is alive in the ministry of the Lunches for Learning program.  As John said, “He is coming with the clouds; every eye will see him”.  Jesus is here and he wants to be seen.  If you would like to learn more about the Lunches For Learning Program, please contact the Messiah Lutheran Church office at (256) 721-0041 or visit our webpage.