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MLC’s Church Council met on Tuesday, March 8 and approved the following changes to MLC’s COVID Guidelines:

  1. Masks in all areas of MLC are optional.
  2. The Parish Hall will no longer be a livestream area.
  3. Livestreaming of MLC’s services will continue.
  4. Communion will no longer be served in the Parish Hall, but will be served in the Narthex when/if needed.
  5. Communion assistants need not wear gloves and can hand cups of wine to communicants.
  6. Communion assistants will sanitize or wash their hands before distributing communion.
  7. Ribbons will be removed from the pews
  8. All fellowship activities can resume for both MLC and the organizations using MLC facilities.

The newly adopted guidelines will take effect Thursday, March 10, 2022.

These changes were based on the recommendations of the MLC COVID Task Force triggered by the decline both in cases and positivity rates in Madison County.  As of March 7, the COVID risk for Madison County has reached the moderate stage, the benchmark the task force was looking for to remove the mask requirement and begin making changes to MLC’s social distancing, communion, and service of worship procedures.  The task force will continue to monitor the COVID risk situation and may have additional recommendations if conditions change.  

This pandemic time has been challenging for all of us. Please continue to honor those whose response to it may be different than your own.