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Messiah Lutheran Church Music Camp presents Man With A Mission – The Story of the Apostle Paul.

This week, children from Messiah Lutheran Church and the local community participated in an original musical production entitled “Man With A Mission” during the Church’s annual Music Camp.  Through song and humor, the children tell the story of the Apostle Paul.  Paul’s dramatic conversion while on the road to Damascus was clearly a life-altering event for him, changing him from being one of the early movement’s most ardent persecutors to being one of its most fervent supporters.

In addition to practicing for the musical production, the children also enjoyed music, drama, arts and crafts, recreation, snacks and afternoon activities. If you watch the video above, you will easily be able to tell that the kids had a great time based on all of the smiles on their faces. 

We give special thanks to the small army of adult and teen volunteers who helped make Music Camp a success this year by putting this awesome Worship service together in just one week.

The Music and Lyrics for “Man With A Mission” were written by Pastor Scott Peterson and our Music Director, Lois Graff.

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