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Dear Church Family,

As we embrace the rich tapestry of the church community, I am excited to announce a special emphasis in our music program for the upcoming month of February. In honor of Black History Month, we will be intentional in our selection of anthems and hymns, highlighting the incredible contributions of black musicians to sacred music.

Black history is deeply intertwined with the development and evolution of various musical genres, and sacred music is no exception. From spirituals to gospel, black musicians have played a significant role in shaping the melodies that resonate within the walls of our church.

One notable contribution is the spiritual, a genre born out of the African experience in America during times of struggle and oppression. Our choir will sing spirituals, such as “Ain’-a That Good News” and “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley,” that carry a powerful message of faith, hope, and resilience. These timeless songs continue to uplift and inspire generations.

The impact of gospel music is also profound, with its soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics serving as a cornerstone of worship in numerous churches. Mahalia Jackson and Thomas A. Dorsey, among many others, have significantly shaped modern gospel music. Dorsey’s composition, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” will be featured in our upcoming church talent show, showcasing the enduring influence of these musical pioneers. Additionally, the gospel hymn “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” recognized as the Black National Anthem, will be incorporated into our worship as both an anthem and a congregational hymn in the coming weeks.

By intentionally incorporating anthems and hymns by black musicians, we aim to recognize and honor the diverse voices that have contributed to the beauty of Christian worship. We invite you to join us in this celebration, embracing the harmonies and melodies that have played a vital role in shaping the spiritual landscape of the church.

It is my hope that our musical offerings help us come together in unity, appreciating the richness of our collective heritage as we lift our voices in praise and worship during this special month of remembrance and celebration.



Director of Music