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Day 9

When preparing for a trip such as this, especially as a chaperone, one doesn’t really know what to expect. Many in our group, myself included, had never been overseas. And, obviously, we had never spent 12 consecutive days together. 12 days – 288 hours; 17,280 minutes! It was both exciting and nerve racking.

Well, as I reflected last evening, all I could recall was the exciting things we have seen, the moments we have shared, the bond we have formed. As for the nerve racking concerns I had 9 days ago, they’ve basically been extinguished.

They’ve been extinguished because I have been fortunate enough to make this trip with 15 of the most special young adults I’ve ever been around. More than once on this trip we have been complimented on the behavior of the group. But those compliments are really for the parents and those who have raised these kids with solid Christian values. Good job parents!

After 9 days away from home I am ready to see my wife, 2 sons, mother in law, dogs, and house. I miss them all. But I’m also a little sad this morning knowing that in a few days my German Odyssey family will be splitting up. Yes, we will always have our memories, but our moment is nearly over.