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You may have noticed a little change in the Narthex this week.  A team of volunteers ripped up the old carpet, repaired the floor and laid some attractive new carpet squares in a custom designed pattern.

If that old carpet could talk, what stories it could probably tell. It had been in place for over twenty years. During that twenty plus years it served as the welcome mat for our Church.  It welcomed God’s people during thousands of Church services, Lenten services, Advent services, Weddings, Funerals, Concerts and a host of community activities.  And though that carpet had served us faithfully and well, it had outlived its serviceable life.

The hardest part of the carpet project was removing that twenty plus year old carpet from the floor.  A number of techniques were used, but they all required a bunch of old fashioned elbow grease.

New Carpet Design

Once the old carpet was removed, the new carpet was installed using a design created by Meredith Kilby. The design features a center motif that resembles both the empty tomb (Christ’s resurrection) as well as a simple church structure.  Upon entry to the church, repeated elements intentionally guide the eye, and hopefully feet, towards the center of worship at Messiah, our sanctuary.

To the left of the design (towards the fellowship hall) a pathway points the visitor towards fellowship, community, and service at Messiah.  To the right (towards the education wing) a similar pathway heads towards the education wing where a hopscotch pattern emerges to beckons all ages towards spiritual growth and the learning of His Word.

The three carpet tones being used for the design are blue (representing the waters of baptism), red (fire of the spirit)  and gold (Worship/King).   The blue tone was selected to coordinate / relate to the existing wall to wall carpet that exists in the Fellowship Hall and down our church hallways.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project a success.

Now that the carpet in the Narthex has been replaced, there is still more work left to be done.  In the coming years, we will be replacing additional sections of carpet throughout the Church.

Here are some additional photos of the Narthex Carpet Project.