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web-relaunchDear Members and friends,

As earlier announced in 1/30/2018 e-news, mlutheran.org is going to go through a fairly major update this week, starting Jan 31, 2018.

Once the new theme is installed, I will work “without ceasing” until all of the major content elements are in place and the new site is functional.   That said, it could still be a week or so until all the menu and navigation elements are are all linking to the new, improved pages! 

Here’s what I’ve set out to do with mlutheran.org

  1. Improved and more visible information for guests
  2. Simplified navigation to subpage content (bottom menus/resources)
  3. Fewer total pages (but longer, more content rich pages)
  4. Easier access to member resources like the member directory.
  5. Improved SEO, better image handling, and page flexibility.

Please be patient through this rebuilding process. I have a wonderful group of member volunteers who have helped me fine tune the design.    I will continue to work on major content areas (projects, newsletter archive, and categories) with our staff and individual ministry leaders to polish and refine the content areas as time permits.

I sincerely hope that it helps connects guests and members alike to the wonderful church community of Messiah Lutheran Church.