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Newcomer Resources

Interested in joining Messiah?

Here are a few first steps to take if you think Messiah Lutheran church may be your new church family:

  • Pick up a welcome pamphlet at the Narthex Welcome Center
  • Leave a record of your visit in the offering plate during Worship
  • Grab any of the resource publications (outside wall of Narthex) on Lutheranism, Baptism, etc.

Messiah is a welcoming, open church, ready and eager to receive you as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus — so don’t hesitate to communicate your interest in worshiping at Messiah.   Let Claire Strand or Pastor Scott know you might be interested.   They will answer any specific questions you have and help guide you through the process of joining if that’s what you decide to do.

Do I have to be “Lutheran” to join or get involved at Messiah?

Not at all.   Regardless of your background, where you came from, or how you were raised,  if God is calling you to Messiah Lutheran, come! It is encouraged that new members attend an orientation session so that you are prepared for the Affirmation of Baptism that takes place when you join.

Messiah periodically offers Sunday School classes and Bible Studies on Lutheran theology.  These are particularly helpful for members who come from different backgrounds, offering a deeper examination of the theology,  Martin Luther, and the Lutheran doctrine that connects and defines us as a Christian faith.

How to Make Your Messiah Membership “Stick”

There’s a wonderful feeling that comes when you feel accepted and a part of a church family.  Here are a few ways you can make sure your membership at Messiah “sticks!”

  1. Make Sunday Worship a priority.
  2. Get involved in at least one small group or volunteer activity within the first few months.
  3. Grow in God’s word.  Make Sunday School  and the study of God’s Word important.
  4. Reach out for pastoral care and prayer concerns when facing difficult times.
  5. Pray and read the bible daily.
  6. Be accepting and forgiving if something or someone at church annoys or offends you.
  7. Stay informed and connected by reading e-mails, newsletters and announcements.
  8. Don’t rush off! Stay after service, grab a cup of coffee and engage others in conversation.
  9. Be generous in spirit and action with your time, talents and offerings.
  10. Share your spiritual gifts to the Church

Messiah Lutheran History

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