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The Older Wiser Lutherans or OWLS as they are known are a loosely knit group of folks (over 50 years of age) who get together once a month for an activity.  These activities vary from a Potluck at the church, Sunday brunch at a restaurant, a visit to the Botanical Garden, to attending the “Living Christmas Tree” concert.  

OWL packing bags for Weekend Food Program

Sometimes the OWLs work on outreach projects like a recent event where they enjoyed a potluck dinner and then helped pack bags of food for the Weekend Food Program.  This program provides grocery bags full of nutritious food and snacks for scores of hungry Madison school children. The bags contain lots of food items, ranging from fruit and vegetable cups to cereal and soup to ensure that the children don’t go hungry during the weekend.

A recent report released by the Food Research and Action Center (frac.org), said 23.4 percent of respondents in Alabama said they didn’t have enough money to buy food at some point. The report said Alabama is the second hungriest state in the nation.

OWLS at Oktoberfest

And sometimes the OWLs get together just for fun and to enjoy each other’s company like their recent Oktoberfest.

If you would like to learn more about this group or would like to attend one of their events, please contact the Church Office at (256) 721-0041.

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