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Today was Messiah Lutheran Church’s annual On Eagle’s Wings Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show.  This event started with a delicious meal prepared by our very own team of volunteer gourmet chefs.  Our chefs prepared a lovely Spaghetti Dinner with home made spaghetti sauce, garden salad, garlic bread and a tasty assortment of deserts.  It was then time for an awesome display of talent by many of our congregation members.  Their performances consisted of piano recitals, vocal renditions, comedy and feats of daring-do.  Together this combination of delicious food and exciting entertainment made for a most enjoyable afternoon.  The money raised during this event will be used to support the On Eagle’s Wings Mission.

On Eagle’s Wings is on a spiritual journey with Christians living in small communities in isolated areas of northern Canada. It is a ministry journey of northern and southern Christians who come from many different cultural and denominational traditions. We are working together to touch the lives of God’s people in remote communities in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. In response to requests from northern people and churches On Eagle’s Wings trains, encourages and mentors northern people for ministry within their own cultural and denominational traditions.

        The ministry of On Eagle’s Wings also includes counseling, worship and Bible study opportunities as well as Christian education programs for women, men, youth and families. Northern aboriginal Christians trained by On Eagle’s Wings are shaping the life of their communities and churches as they lead worship and Bible studies, start Sunday Schools and develop programs to support individuals and families. Northern and southern Christians and On Eagle’s Wings are working together to proclaim Jesus Christ, serve the Church and touch the lives of God’s northern people.