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The Older Wiser Lutherans (OWLS) of Messiah Lutheran Church had a Dominos Party for their October 2010 get together.  And by Dominos, we mean the 1000 year old board game and not the similarly named pizza chain.  Not that we have anything against pizza.

The event was hosted by Ed and Mary Ann Stasiak.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone enjoyed visiting in their very lovely garden and patio area. The very delicious snacks everyone brought were enjoyed by all. 

Several games of Dominoes ensued.  Some of the experts were teaching the others how to play their favorite game.  Some of the rules had to be checked out and there was lots of good humored bickering about this.

Some members of the group found the University of Alabama football game on TV and couldn’t be coaxed away to play Dominos.

Everyone had a good evening and we thank the Stasiak’s for inviting us to their beautiful home.

The OWLS are a loosely knit group of folks (over 50 years of age) who get together once a month for an activity.  These activities vary from a potluck at the church, Sunday brunch at a restaurant, miniature golf, a visit to the Botanical Garden, to attending the “Living Christmas Tree” concert.  Both men and women are welcome.  And don’t let our name fool you.  We may call ourselves the “Older” Wiser Lutherans, but we know we’re all young at heart.

Please call Jan Murphy or the Church Office for more information about the OWLS.