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Hierapolis white cliffs formed from calcium in water


Theater at Hierapolis


Christianity growing out of Judiasm graffiti

Today we saw natural beauty and visited Biblical sites. The travertine terraces at Hierapolis are a natural wonder that has attracted people for millennia seeking healing and relaxation in its warm geothermal waters. Both those terraces and the Greco-Roman theatre there are pictured above. Not far from that theatre is the site thought to be where disciple Philip was martyred by being crucified upside down. 

Other stops today focused on four of the seven churches that John wrote to in his Revelation. See Revelation chapters 2-3. We saw ruins in Laodiceia, Philadelphia, Sardis, and Thyatira. 

We are staying in Izmir for a second night. It is a modern thriving city. Like everywhere we have been in Turkey the people are kind and helpful. Wish you could be here. God bless.