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After an absence of more than 3 years, a pipe organ is being
heard in Messiah Lutheran Church again. 
The expansion of the sanctuary required a different pipe organ to fill
the space.  
This custom built,
refurbished organ was designed by Miller Organ Company with the rich textures
of a solid foundation, adding tonal variety and color with reeds and mixtures.  The fine workmanship of the organ builders
and the acoustics of the MLC sanctuary combine to give the pipe organ a lively
presence and glorious sound.
Thank you to all who gave gifts to the pipe organ fund, to
all the workers who gave their time and skills to ready the space, and to all
who undergirded this project with prayer.

On Reformation Sunday, October 26th at 3 p.m.,
Messiah Lutheran’s pipe organ will be dedicated to the glory of God.  May this instrument complement the
proclamation of God’s Word and give praise and glory to our Lord.  Soli
Deo Gloria