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August 9th, 2015 was Messiah’s annual Rally Day. Rally Day is a day for Sunday School students and their parents to meet their teachers, learn about the curriculum, and make new friends. This year’s theme was “Rally Day…  Hot Dog!”

Sarah Walker, Sunday School Superintendent, led a brief opening in the sanctuary at 9:45 , with Pastor Scott Peterson and Youth and Education Council Representative Dick Azzam in attendance.  From there children dispersed with their teachers to new classrooms some of them newly painted and decorated.  For adults, many attended an orientation of Pastor Scott’s  Sunday School class, “Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work  in the Parish Hall.

To  learn more about the educational offerings and classes available at Messiah, visit our Learn page.

Blessing Tags 2015Messiah’s Outreach Director, Claire Strand, organized a related, “Blessing of the Backpacks,”  during each of the two Worship services.   Participants, who included students and teachers of all ages, received a “Backpack Blessing 2015″ bag tag with an encouraging daily prayer on the reverse.

Following the second service, a Rally Day – Hot Dog! buffet was served in the Parish Hall.   The event was planned by Greg and Meredith Kilby.   Eight different types of gourmet hot dog combinations were set out in the Parish Hall for members to try:  Atlanta Dog, NYC Dog, Newark Dog, Chicago Dog, Kansas City Dog,  San Francisco Dog and Detroit Dog and finally – Plain ole’ Dog.  While it was unclear which was the favorite Top Dog, picnic goers enjoyed the opportunity to explore the wide selection of options to top the 100 % All Beef Hebrew National dogs that were grilled just prior to the picnic.

August 16th  will see the launch of Conversation Cafe – an open, come and go as you can Sunday School activity for adults that starts around 10:00 in the Fellowship Hall.

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