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 Have you noticed the transformation taking place in the front of the Church.  There was a lot of activity on the Sanctuary Expansion project during the last several weeks. Here is a quick status of what has happened recently.

  • The the installation of the major steel supports and glulams are complete and remainder of the framing is being installed. 
  • The installation of the roof has begun.
  • The steeple was delivered this week and is now sitting in pieces in the front of the Church.
  • The pews in the sanctuary were moved temporarily to storage to facilitate installation of the new fire sprinkler system and the new chandeliers. 
  • Ten new pews were ordered along with new fabric to cover the 20 old pews.
  • A team has begun the work of designing the stained glass window which will be installed on the front of the Church.
  • The water system was converted from Madison water to Huntsville water.
  • As of this time, we expect to move back into the Sanctuary some time in February 2012.