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You have probably noticed that construction of Messiah Lutheran Church’s new Sanctuary has commenced.  It is pretty hard to miss the large construction equipment and somewhat disheveled appearance of the front of the Church. As construction proceeds we will provide periodic updates to make sure that  the congregation knows what is going on.

We will be also making maximum use of the Parish Hall during the construction period. This facility will be used not only for our Worship Services, but will also be used for all of the other events that we normally use it for including Wednesday Night Cafe, Musical Events, etc. This means that will all be getting good at taking down and setting up the chairs for services. As I was reminded by some of the older members of the congregation, this is not that big of a hardship. The founding members of Messiah Lutheran had to set up chairs in the union hall every week for services. I guess that we can manage for a few months until our shiny new Sanctuary is complete. Thanks in advance for all our your support during the next six months.