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Messiah Lutheran Church members Virgil and Susan Burrer recently returned from a Thrivent Builds with Habitat For Humanity mission to Santa Ana, El Salvador.  During the  10 days they spent in Santa Ana, Virgil, Susan and other volunteers from Thrivent Builds helped construct three new houses for families in need. All of the construction was accomplished using manual labor. 

The houses which are only 350 square feet, are small by United States standards but represent a vast improvement to the typical living conditions in El Salvador. Each home has 2 bedrooms, a living area and a bathroom which is outside. All cooking is done outside as well.

Even though the work was hard, the weather was hot and humid, and the volunteers were fed Chicken, Rice and Corn at every meal, the experience was a very rewarding one.  One Thrivent volunteer in El Salvador Stated, “This was so different from a normal vacation. On a vacation, you go somewhere to be entertained … to be distracted. You pay others to serve you. On this trip, we went to serve. We connected with other people. We became part of a new family. We came together, sharing our cultures, united as God’s children.”

If you would like to participate in a Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity project, but are not yet ready to travel to El Salvador, there is a solution for you. Each year Messiah Lutheran Church participates in a Habitat for Humanity project in the local community. Click on the Messiah Habitat For Humanity Page for additional information.

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