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Good times were had by one and all at this year’s Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook Off.

The kids had a great time filling up their bags with treats in the parking lot. There were some very creative costumes.  All of the cars were well decorated.  The lengths that some of the adult participants went to in order to decorate their cars was a little frightening in and of itself.  Good job everyone.

The food was delicious as always and the games and activities for the younger kids were a lot of fun.

There were 13 different chili’s entered in this year’s cookoff.  All of the chili’s were delicious and the competition was pretty tough.  Second place went to Mary Mast. Mary was only one vote behind the first place winner and she was somewhat dismayed to learn that her husband did not vote for her chili. First place went to Bonnie Flowers.  This was Bonnie second trip to the winner’s circle.  Here last win was in 2001.

The title of hottest chili went to Stephen Strand for his 5 alarm entry.  Stephen didn’t think his entry was especially hot.  The rest of us however were considering an emergency phone call to the EPA.  We thought his chili was in the range of uranium spill, sulphuric acid, oops I accidentally drank Drano hot.

For those of you who are keeping count, here are the previous winners of the Chili Cookoff Title

  • 1999 – Stephen Strand
  • 2000 – Doug Hendrick
  • 2001 – Bonni Flowers
  • 2002 – Tammy Stender 
  • 2003 – Sue Stough
  • 2004 – Paul Zutter
  • 2005 – Stephen Strand
  • 2006 – Katrina King
  • 2007 – Paul Zutter
  • 2008 – Stephen Strand
  • 2009 – William Strand and Anita deJong
  • 2010 – Dan Byers
  • 2011 – Bonni Flowers
Special thanks to our youth director Lauren Gray and the Fellowship Committee for organizing this years event.