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Messiah’s FEMA Form Brigade

Volunteers from the community congregations  in cooperation with InterFaith Mission Service (IMS) and FEMA are canvassing the tornado ravaged areas in our community to assist and encourage those affected to register with FEMA.  Messiah is working in cooperation with All Saints Lutheran, Eagle’s Nest Ministries and Progressive Union Baptist in the Ford’s Chapel/Wall Triana/ Stoval area of Harvest.  We have identified 200-300 homes in this area that have damage.  In addition to going door-to-door, we will also be hosting “Help Centers” at locations near this area where residents can come in for help with the FEMA process.  If you are interested in helping with this endeavor please contact Kay Spence, our area coordinator.  Training is provided and you can work as much or as little as you want. =)  The deadline for FEMA registration is June 27.
The United Way is hosting a clean-up blitz on June 11 and are in desparate need of persons who will donate their chainsaw help.  There are about 500 volunteers ready to haul limbs to the curb but they need chainsaws to cut up the downed trees.  If you can volunteer some time on Saturday, June 11, please contact Marcie Williams at the United Way (marcie.williams@uwhsv.org or 256-518-8206).  You may also volunteer at www.keepvolunteering.org or check this site for the latest information on the recovery efforts, volunteer opportunities or needed donations.