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Devonee Woods, Messiah’s Weekend Food Program coordinator reviews the food items which are purchased and delivered to at-risk students.

Weekend Food Program Continues at Messiah Lutheran.

The Weekend Food Program team, led by member Devonee Woods, is underway at Messiah Lutheran Church.  Messiah delivers weekend food sacks to Liberty Middle School in Madison, Monrovia Middle School in the County of Madison, and Morris P-8 in Huntsville.  Students who qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches are eligible to receive the sacks and participation is voluntary. Schools provide guidance on which pre-packaged food items are suitable for the program. The bags are distributed to the students every Friday by school counselors and staff.

Volunteering with WFP takes just a few hours a month.

Executing the program through the year depends on a small, but dedicated team of volunteers giving an an hour or two of time once or twice a month.  One person heads up the inventory process. They update the inventory by the second Tuesday of each month and text it to the team of shoppers so they can know how much of each item is needed before the next scheduled packing date.  Shopping is done by about a half-dozen shoppers, most of whom belong to a volume discount club,  or are eagle-eyed shoppers who track specials and sales.   Of special need for for the coming year are volunteers to help deliver the food to the three schools.  The tubs that the sacks are placed into are a bit bulky, so someone with an SUV, mini-van or truck is ideal.   School staff, janitors or volunteers typically help unload the bags into the school.

Groups sought to fill the packing schedule

Messiah Lutheran Church has been involved in the Weekend Food Program since 2013.  Messiah member and school teacher Toni Daniels proposed it as one of Messiah’s ongoing outreach / mission efforts and coordinates the groups who pack each month through the school year.    While many of the groups that pack come from Messiah’s membership,  outside organizations (such as the Madison D.A.R. Chapter) have also packed sacks at MLC.   Packing dates are typically scheduled for the last weekend of the month, but can be adapted to fit the groups specific schedule.  Please contact Toni Daniels if interested.

Anyone interested in helping with the Weekend Food Program should contact Devonee Woods by calling the church at 256.721-0041 or e-mail her at  office@mlutheran.org.