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What’s Happening at Benito Montoya?  Thank you for asking.  There is a lot to tell you.  Since school began in February (the school year in Honduras runs from February to November), attendance in grades 1st thru 6th has grown from 40 to 54.  Why the increase?  Word is out that a nutritious meal is served for lunch at Benito Montoya.  More kids are coming to school!  This is exactly the purpose of the Lunches for Learning mission.  It works!

There’s More…   Last month, Gerard deJong organized a Lunches for Learning presentation at his corporation and raised enough donations with employee grants to build a kindergarten at Benito Montoya! The mud hut the students were using as their classroom can go back to being the school’s kitchen.  Meals can be cooked at the school again and will not have to be carried over the rocky terrain.

Growth at our school means growth in our commitment.  Here are some ways you can help:

  • Designate Lunches For Learn on your offering envelope or use Messiah’s Online Giving Program
  • Donate handcrafted items to the Handmade Market on October 23rd.
  • Do your Christmas shopping at the Handmade Market
  • Designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars online to Lunches For Learning.  If you have questions about this talk to Lois Graff
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