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From Wheelchair Ramp Build, February 2, 2013

Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will stop the Messiah Ramp Builders from their appointed rounds. On Saturday the Messiah Carpentry Team built another wheelchair ramp for a gentleman who lives on Monte Sano.  Though the weather was a little sketchy, the team managed to get the job done and the result was a mighty fine looking wheelchair ramp if we do say so ourselves. The gentleman was very thankful.  He said that it has been about seven years since he has been on his front porch.

 The Carpentry Team builds approximately one wheelchair ramp per month in partnership with CASA of Madison County.

CASA builds wheelchair ramps for needy individuals regardless of income or age and at no cost to the client. Wheelchair ramps provide CASA clients the mobility necessary for safely entering and leaving their homes, while promoting a sense of independence and freedom and access to the outside world. Each ramp is custom designed for each client and built by CASA volunteers. By providing wheelchair ramps, we are providing our clients with the knowledge that there are people in the community who truly care about their well-being.

The team can always use a few hands to help build the ramps. No special skills or tools are required.  If you would like to help with the next build, please contact the Messiah Carpentry Team Leaders, Joe Stuart and Owen Wasmoen.  

Click here to see some additional photos from this build.

Wheelchair Ramp Build, February 2, 2013