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June 16 – Berlin to Wittenberg

Bridie Ryan

Yesterday, after a breakfast of lunch meats, we went to an old cathedral which was pretty cool. There was a giant organ and huge stained glass windows. At one point I was looking for a coffee shop and I ended up finding a giant graveyard under the cathedral. It had a lot of German royalty there.

Berlin Cathedral

National Cathedral

National Cathedral

Chancel - Altar / Berlin Cathedral

After that we went to a history museum (Pergamon) and looked around for a while. Then we went to the Zoo Garden for lunch and a majority of us got Wok to Walk which was a really good Asian place. When we finished eating we headed to the gift shop and I decided to get a .50 cent card that said Urlaub, which I found out from our guide later that it meant holiday. On our way to Wittenberg we saw a bunch of cute little German houses and asparagus fields.

Once we got to Wittenberg we went on a tour of the town and saw and learned about Martin Luther’s life and the history of the town. We then got to the hostel and ate dinner. Afterwards a big group of us went into town and sat at an ice cream shop. I had some spaghetti ice cream and it was great. When we got to the hostel, we sang happy birthday to William and set off a firework candle for him. Then we all stayed up until like 2 in the morning because a bunch of French people were partying in our hall.

Justin Walker

wp-1466165746819.jpeg wp-1466165713061.jpeg Wittenberg Door Wittenberg Turm

Yesterday was pretty neat. We went to a history museum in Berlin and ate lunch near the Zoo Garden Metro Station. Some of the boys and I ate doners with Pastor in a subway station. Afterwards we drove to Wittenberg and got a tour of the people’s church and the general area. We also had to pay 1 euro to use a towel in our hostel. The hostel is pretty nice, but many of our neighbors are pretty obnoxious. But we’re all looking forward to a few more days in Wittenberg.