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Worship Service Primer

Sometimes its good to know what to expect when attending a church for the first time. This page will help familiarize you with what our common practices are.  Please visit our Worship Page for an overview.

Ushers play an important role in helping you worship with us at Messiah Lutheran Church.

  • They will hand you a bulletin and any special worship liturgies / worship books needed for that service and collect materials after the service concludes.
  • They can provide audio listening devices for those who are hard of hearing and assist those with physical limitations in finding a seat and arranging for the sacraments of the Lord Supper to be served to them if necessary.
  • Will prompt you when it’s your pew’s time to approach the communion rail for the Lord’s Supper.
  • They can assist in the case of an emergency or illness  which occurs during the service.

Finding a Seat is easy in our recently expanded sanctuary.  If it happens that a long time member approaches your seat with a stare that clearly communicates, “You are sitting in my spot,”  simply refer them to page 30 of the “The Lutheran Handbook”(Augburg Fortress) that covers “How to Respond When Someone Sits in Your Pew.”  You never know, you might just get asked out for brunch.  Seriously, there are no “reserved” seats  except when designated for special worship observances such as confirmation, first communion, etc.

Preparing for Worship

  • Turn off, silence and stow securely all cell phones, tablet and other handheld devices.
  • Mark your attendance in the black attendance books which are found near the center of the aisles.
  • Greet others quietly, noting that some folks use the time before worship for prayer and preparation.
  • Read the bulletin and familiarize yourself with the Order of Worship being used.

Order of Worship and Liturgies Several different liturgies are used for worship at Messiah throughout the year.  The Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW in the bulletin) is dark green and hard-bound. The blue, soft-bound, “With One Voice” (WOV) worship book is the other.  Both books are  found on the back of the pew in front of you.  Bibles are located along the lower ledge. Other liturgies are also frequently used and will be handed out by ushers.

Worship Service Tips: 

  •  Many find it helpful to know that the Orders for Worship are found in the front of a hymnal, with page numbers at the bottom of the page, and that hymns are located in the back of the hymnals with numbers printed on the top of the page.
  • Verbal guidance is given whenever sections of the liturgy or verses of hymns are omitted.
  • It’s okay if you have physical limitations that make it difficult to stand. Simply remain seated.
  • It’s okay to apply hand-sanitizer before and after you “pass the peace.”
  • Noise happens.  Try to ignore it if it’s not you or your family members. There is a basket of tissues, cough drops and bags of quiet children’s activities by the welcome desk should you need to step out.  We do provide audio of the service to the narthex, so you can continue to follow along until ready to re-enter.

Lords Supper / Communion

Ushers will prompt your row when it’s time to approach the communion rail.  Simply approach up the center aisle.  Fill the communion railing on your side of the church, from the left post to the right post.  Hint regardless of what side you sit on, everyone in front of you in line should be to your right, everyone behind should be on your left.  After you have received the sacraments and when you are ready simply stand and return to your pews via the outide aisles on your side of the church. Here a basic diagram showing how you fill in the rails from right to left depending up which side of the church you sit on.

Attending a Lutheran Service